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Queen Bee

Long live this Queen; in justice and nectar may she reign.

This Queen Bee came to me as a surprise. The idea for her just showed up one day, so I sketched her out. Then I completed a watercolor study. But this version.. it sort of fell by the wayside. And then one night I put acrylic paints on my canvas and worked and worked until she was done. I was nervous about that purple at first too, but I couldn’t be happier with how the finished piece came together.

(Here is my watercolor study for the initial concept.)

Both the original watercolor and acrylic versions have sold. A few “Royal Edition” framed prints of the acrylic Queen have sold as well, but remaining prints and some nice vinyl stickers will be in the shop soon.


The daughter of a plantation owner, this classy southern-belle dreams of turning her father’s cotton fields in to magnolia groves. The more blooms, warblers, and fragrant summer nights, the better.

11×14, completed in oils on canvas. This girl was a real challenge, but I’m pleased with the final outcome. Currently the original is for sale (contact me for details: thatgirl (at) candacejean dot com) and prints will be hitting my online shop soon.


A lover of cracking Crème Brûlée, Amélie frequents street vendor carts, photo booths, and her father’s house for company. She’s often scheming and plotting, daydreaming of payback one moment and pleasant surprises for strangers the next.

11×14, completed in oils on canvas. Currently the original is for sale (contact me for details: thatgirl (at) candacejean dot com) and prints will be hitting my online shop soon.

The Royal Deerbird

Often times, a secret forested stroll at dusk with The Royal Deerbird brings solace and the most comforting of advice.

I poured many hours in to this piece. It measures around 12×16 inches and was completed in mixed media on paper. The sale of the original is pending, but prints of the piece should be in my online shop soon.


Daughter to an Ornithologist, Arabella often disappoints her governess with uncommon choices in headdresses and a fondness for her father’s findings. Arabella’s father however, could not be more proud.

8×10, completed in oils on panel. The original was completed during a live-painting event with The ISI Group in July of this year. The original has sold, but prints of this piece will be in my online shop soon.


I know, I know. It’s been far too long.
I am having a hard time making myself round up content and sit here to lay it out for those mystery few that my come by to visit. Rather, I update my instagram more frequently instead. Follow along on the app for less sparse happenings.
For now, here are a few of my posts showing some work that’s being done:

More eventually. :)