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Or, maybe they’re sweethearts.

A recent piece I finished featuring three of the most fashion-forward coyotes you’ll ever meet.
Completed on 8×10 bristol stock with graphite and watercolor. Currently available in my shop.

JJ Nicholson

I was invited to be a part of R&R Gallery Project’s group exhibit in L.A. titled “Jack”. It took place last weekend and this was my contribution:

“John Joseph ‘Jack’ Nicholson”; gone a little Victorian; 5×7 & mixed media. SOLD.

Rounding out the summer

Utah has been seeing a fair amount of End-of-Summer rain lately. The air is becoming more crisp and the days shorter. It’s September, after all… so autumn will be here in no time flat.

I love what Summer 2013 brought for me.

It was the first Two-Day Craft Lake City.
It was the first time I [...]

25 for 25 project

“So I’m up to bat and this gnarly curve ball comes. Things that weren’t problems are now problems. I’m trying to adapt in order to meet commitments, and that’s where #25for25 started…”

Early this year I applied for the LA Renegade and I was accepted. I was ecstatic. My brain starts a’whirin with all the things [...]

cyber updates

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally cracked down over the course of two or three days and hammered out an updated website.

I’m sure there are still things that don’t work right, don’t look right, and that are already on my list of things to change.. but new info is up and [...]

featurette + art room snaps

I was very flattered that Slug & Craft Lake City wanted to do a little video feature on how I am inspired and the process behind my prints from initial sketch to packaged, archival, 8-ink color-process print. (And no, the printer shown isn’t what is used to make them. He’s my “everything unimportant” printer that [...]