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I know, I know. It’s been far too long.
I am having a hard time making myself round up content and sit here to lay it out for those mystery few that my come by to visit. Rather, I update my instagram more frequently instead. Follow along on the app for less sparse happenings.
For now, here [...]

february beginnings & some doodling

Some recent doodles from the sketchbook as evidence of my keeping mildly busy back here..:

Some are progressing into more full, finished ideas, while others are simply executed to keep my right-brain from overheating.
Be sure to find me on instagram for more frequent sketch posts under the username @candacejean.

More soon!

deciduous deer

A long drive south yesterday provided me a view of some wild pronghorn antelope, carrying on as they do on the summer plains. It reminded me of some old doodles I had tucked away some time ago, and while I’m certainly not the first to put tree boughs in place of antlers I thought I’d [...]

the unwritten summer

We all know the story of Thumbelina.

A one-inch tall beautiful girl is born from a magic summer flower before being abducted by toads, flown to freedom by a swallow, betrothed to a mole, and finally wed to the Prince of the flower spirits.

But somewhere in there.. somewhere near the middle, Thumbelina spent a [...]

doves and hearts

A peek at my WIP.

Happy Valentine’s Day, every one!


I have been tinkering with a pencil lately and keeping more secrets..

They are a few little ideas that will soon pan out to bigger ones.

(Soon is a word I use with my fingers crossed.)

I’ll be back!