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the unwritten summer

We all know the story of Thumbelina.

A one-inch tall beautiful girl is born from a magic summer flower before being abducted by toads, flown to freedom by a swallow, betrothed to a mole, and finally wed to the Prince of the flower spirits.

But somewhere in there.. somewhere near the middle, Thumbelina spent a [...]

note to self:

1. Sprouts and clementines do not work well with braces. Stop forgetting that.

2. You think DoleĀ© Apple Juice is gross.

3. Clean your art room and draw something.

incoming artist and new ideas

I was wishing I could take some painting classes a couple of months ago. Actually, longer ago than that even, and right up until present day. I want to learn new techniques. I want to paint like the old masters.

Austin’s brother Ryan is an incredible artist and has a definite talent for applying depth. [...]