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mac & retna

There is an old brick building in downtown SLC that, on its east side, is covered in a brilliant and rich mural that I find incredible.

It was a collaboration piece completed by two artists; one known as Mac and the other as Retna.

The mural is called Virgin Mary and was commissioned by a Utah [...]

esao andrews

At the beginning of this month I received an Anthropologie email; just another newsletter most likely gloating about some fancy jacket or another I assumed.. a richly designed article thick with imported fabrics and thread and a heavy price tag. Something I wish I could own but never could afford.

But when I opened this [...]

feather sculpture

I came across this artist some time ago and was mesmerized by her sculptures. Each one is made of hundreds of feathers!

Kate MccGwire feather sculptures

I was reminded today about Kate’s work by a new installment featured on Juxtapoz.

I love that she is so particular about the feathers she uses and knows exactly what type [...]

sketch for a sketch

Two artists that a really admire, Alex Pardee and Dave Correia, started a tour together yesterday taking them from California across the country to the east coast and then back to California again. Along the way they are stopping in cities to meet fans, sign autographs, sell raffle tickets for a custom mural, and to [...]

nature mandalas

A quick post to share some lovely imagery that I just adore:

Allison Trentelman has an Etsy shop called Nature Mandalas that showcases her delicate photography. I love the raw use of softly saturated color and the tiny bits of nature she captures in each image.

It’s as if you can hear, smell, and feel everything [...]