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cyber updates

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally cracked down over the course of two or three days and hammered out an updated website.

I’m sure there are still things that don’t work right, don’t look right, and that are already on my list of things to change.. but new info is up and [...]


Opening reception on Tuesday December the 11th at 6:30pm
{Main} Children’s Library: 210 E 400 S Downtown Salt Lake City.

I hope all of you can make it! The first X amount of people to arrive will receive their choice of bookmark featuring one of my new pieces for this show.
(“X” = how ever many bookmarks I [...]

art show coming soon

To account for my unexplained– though, I admit, typical– long absences, and mixed all in with time spent on the cards I’ve recently put out, I have been working on my next solo exhibit.

I’ve been sharing sneak peeks with my Instagram and Twitter followers, and I thought today I’d share them here, too.

If you [...]

guardian prints on sale + new color edition

Remember this little lady?

Well a handful of these prints were recently tinted and added back to the shop at a sale price. A new color edition was added right along with them too: emerald, for winter 2012/2013. Each one is unique as the guardian’s dress is painted by me– right on each and every print– [...]

Candace babblings on Reflections show at Blonde Grizzly for Salt Lake Magazine

In case you missed it,  Salt Lake Magazine posted a nice little write-up about me and my recent Reflections show that was held at Blonde Grizzly.

I’m never this chatty in real life. And this is even the Editor’s shortened version of my rambling.

Take a peek:

A big “thank you” as well to everyone that made it [...]

website bakery

Just a quick post to share that the kind lady behind Website Bakery asked if she could feature my artwork…

… and *her post* is now up! She’s got a lot of amazing talent featured on her site (including her own; she’s an illustrator and web designer!), do pop over and see.

Thank you very much [...]