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Cosplay Bunnies for Salt Lake Comic Con

Due to a rather busy summer, I’ve not yet really mentioned my participating in this year’s (first!) Salt Lake Comic Con, besides of course the little icon that’s quietly been residing in my left “Shows” side column. And perhaps a tweet or two.

The Con starts today! I’ve sincerely, and inexplicably, got butterfly tummy about the [...]

Craft Lake City 2011 prep in full effect

I twittered about it I’m sure but never came here to announce that I was accepted into the 2011 Craft Lake City event. Hoo-ray! I adore Craft Lake and always have such a wonderful time.

I tip-toed out of town and down to San Diego for a while, and since I’ve been back I have been [...]

an announcement:

(I’m in for a pretty serious summer.)

I know I mentioned back in *this* post that I was going to take it easy on shows from now on, and I plan to. But I also wrote that after already having my heart set on being a part of Craft Lake City and The Twilight Concert Series. [...]

pretty ladies all in a chair

Just a quick stop in to post that I’ve been busy trying to frame up originals and prepare for a gallery stroll on June 4th.

This will be my second time really participating in Gallery Stroll locally and will be a great chance to see my work up-close-and-personal!

The exhibit will open Friday evening at Bon [...]

Thank you and goodnight

I cleaned up my booth from the Beehive Bazaar show this evening and was so happy with what appears to be wonderful results. The same with Piper and Chloe the week prior, and I can’t say thanks enough to all those involved that help make my shows successful. I appreciate the help and support so [...]

The Beehive Bazaar

I took today off in order to meet the assigned set-up time with the Beehive Bazaar. Since I was already missing work I figured I could spare a few hours to get my hair done (rather than miss more work on another day), so I went and saw my old friend Nicole again.

I brought back [...]