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The Omniscient Ornithologist

“Quite knowledgeable in the study of birds, this Professor is also overly prepared for his first day and extremely excited about his course outline. His birds, though often inconvenienced, are used to his enthusiasm.”

I started this piece in the spring, and with the help of my son decided what birds to include in an impossible [...]

Spring notes and a day for Mothers

Happy warm-weather, flowers-in-bloom days to you all!
Just stopping in to announce two new note card designs that can be picked up locally (in Salt Lake).

Admittedly, they were designed and stocked at retail shops for Mother’s Day, but technically… because moms are often quite wonderful and deserving… they could be paired with any sunny day “just [...]

Woodland Silhouette portrait notecard sets

Using watercolors I painted up some dapper woodland misters with forest flora and turned them into note cards.

Each box is a mixed lot, and features portraits of a fox, bear and rabbit.

They also come with my signature raven-in-wreath hand-embossed envelopes. These ones in a nice, “brown bag” kraft color/texture.

Boxes have been added to [...]

Five Feathers

Some time ago I painted five feathers individually, and with a small brush painted the bird’s name underneath each one.

I’ve finally managed to get prints of the five feathers into my shop. The print has each feather printed in true-to-life scale on smooth, archival stock.

Those I’ve included are wing feathers from a Yellow-Shafted [...]

guardian prints on sale + new color edition

Remember this little lady?

Well a handful of these prints were recently tinted and added back to the shop at a sale price. A new color edition was added right along with them too: emerald, for winter 2012/2013. Each one is unique as the guardian’s dress is painted by me– right on each and every print– [...]

holiday 2012 note card sets

This year’s note card sets are finally available in the shop!

The winter birds in winter wear are back, newly revised for 2012, and accompanying them this year is a trio of big-footed hares also donning cold-weather wares.

Head on over and grab a box. More holiday goods to come soon!