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I heart books Monday: White’s design

It’s been a (long) while since I’ve done a post for any sort of “books Monday”, so during some spare lunch-hour time I thought I’d toss one up.

David Pearson is a brilliant designer and currently serves as the Art Director for White’s Books. Pearson worked with Penguin for several years and released numerous series with [...]

I heart books Monday: Bookguns

“Obsession with the semiotic erosion of meaning and reality led me to create objects that evangelize their own relevance by a direct fusion of word and form. Books (many culled from dumpsters and thrift store bins) are lovingly vandalized back to life so they can assert themselves against the culture which turned them into debris.” [...]

I heart books Monday: the smallest dictionary in the world

I’m quite a fan of things in miniature. I had a doll house once, and though I don’t remember a thing about the plastic counterparts which inhabited it I do definitely recall my affinity for the tiny accessories. Dishes, a table and chairs, tiny beds with tiny linens. If I knew of a proper place [...]

I heart books Monday: A Christmas Carol

By now you’ve seen I’m not so good at keeping up the ‘ole journal. BUT, I wanted to post a book today, one that I found some time ago and HAD to share nearer Christmas… and, well, because that holiday is due this Saturday, today is no better a place to share it.

For you [...]

I heart books: Currier & Ives

When I was young my mother used to always have gourmet ice cream in fancy half-gallon tins delivered fresh to our house. Once the ice cream was gone she kept the tins for storing her sewing notions; buttons, scissors, thread, etcetera.

I remember always wanting to see what image was next for the new tin [...]

I heart books: La Divine Comedie

I took Labor Day off. OH alright.. I was a bit lazy (thought lots of it was the result of an unpleasant bout of sick stomach at 3am the night before; damn you Sages!), annnnnnd I kinda forgot it was actually Monday. It felt so much like Sunday yesterday.

So here I am with a delayed [...]