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small things

I obviously haven’t updated in a while, so I thought I’d make a quick post about some more of those little things that have recently made me happy. Just to share.

The tiniest first edition Cinderella that you ever saw (circa 1910)…

Perfect speckled eggs from fat, happy chickens…

A pretty vintage copper arrow ring…

Discovering shy little violets [...]

speak to my sole

Just some amazingly adorable vintage shoes I’ve discovered recently on Etsy:

(clicking images should link you to their source.)

I wish so many weren’t leather. I wish the ones I truly wanted were in my size.
I actually just wish I had money I could afford putting toward more shoes in the first place!

Happy vintage shoe [...]

1894 Victorian

When Austin and I were first looking at our house it didn’t take me long to notice an old Queen Anne Victorian home just up the street, tucked away behind ancient trees, thick ivy and tall boxwoods. I was delighted to learn it was for sale by the owner, and since we were looking to [...]

to have a horse

I still remember mine.
My dad made her for me; a beautiful, deep chocolate brown with long lashes and delicate yellow black-eyed susans along the flanks painted there by my mother.
I *wish* so much that I still had that rocking horse.

Something this morning led me to a search on Flickr and Etsy for vintage rocking horses. [...]