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recent press

I’m always over the moon when I discover that my art has been mentioned in some way locally. Here are a few recent happenings in the press:

Back when Blonde Grizzly was awarded an Arty for their Star Wars Show, the staff at City Weekly chose my Queen Amidala piece to represent the exhibit in the [...]

quiet winter nighttime doodling

As the evening settled and a certain little man was tucked into bed, I had the urge to draw something of little significance for no reason at all.. other than simply to draw.

(It’s true, you know. All of those little organs wound up inside snail shells like that.)

Sweet dreams, world..

Final Reflections Show recap

I didn’t get as many photos of my show as I wish I would have, but I thought I’d share the ones I was given in a final recap.

Alden, me and my youngest sister Cabrielle.

I think this may be the first official photo of me teeth smiling sans-braces. I got the darned things off [...]

small things

I obviously haven’t updated in a while, so I thought I’d make a quick post about some more of those little things that have recently made me happy. Just to share.

The tiniest first edition Cinderella that you ever saw (circa 1910)…

Perfect speckled eggs from fat, happy chickens…

A pretty vintage copper arrow ring…

Discovering shy little violets [...]


I know that for the same reason I’m about to right now I’ve probably recirculated this old drawing a good dozen times since I first sketched it out in 2002, but.. tonight it was once again called for.

Thinking. Being. Feeling.
In one form or another.. L O V E.

scattered things

I have another full page in my notebook of teeny tiny writing spelling out various thoughts and ideas for paintings and general craftiness.

Sigh. I do wish I could be at home working on them…

I was off work on Monday because my Alden was sick again. It was a very productive day around the house [...]