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I’m always over the moon when I discover that my art has been mentioned in some way locally. Here are a few recent happenings in the press:

Back when Blonde Grizzly was awarded an Arty for their Star Wars Show, the staff at City Weekly chose my Queen Amidala piece to represent the exhibit in the [...]

Celebration of the Hand

I’ve had a few big projects this summer that have kept me painting along; one of which was an installation piece for an exhibit entitled “Celebration of the Hand”.

“Craft Lake City has joined forces with The Temporary Museum of Permanent Change to bring the work of Craft Lake City artisans to the streets in [...]

featurette + art room snaps

I was very flattered that Slug & Craft Lake City wanted to do a little video feature on how I am inspired and the process behind my prints from initial sketch to packaged, archival, 8-ink color-process print. (And no, the printer shown isn’t what is used to make them. He’s my “everything unimportant” printer that [...]

Royalty Show: local coverage

I was as pleased as peaches to be interviewed for two separate features highlighting my recent Royalty Show.

The first feature was with Now In Salt Lake with the Salt Lake Tribune. For a time the story can be found (here), or in local printed copies for the week of November 17th.

The second interview was with [...]

Candace babblings on Reflections show at Blonde Grizzly for Salt Lake Magazine

In case you missed it,  Salt Lake Magazine posted a nice little write-up about me and my recent Reflections show that was held at Blonde Grizzly.

I’m never this chatty in real life. And this is even the Editor’s shortened version of my rambling.

Take a peek:

A big “thank you” as well to everyone that made it [...]