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reptiles and ruffled flowers

I was asked to do a commission piece not long ago, the content of which at my preference. I had an immediate idea, but my mind was envisioning all types of species and I couldn’t decide what to settle on. So, I made a few.

(All images can be clicked to view at a larger size.)

I thought of painting vine snakes with regional flowers, as there are many types of vine snakes in many places. This first one is of Oxybelis fulgidus and Passiflora alata; or a Green Vine Snake and Winged-Stem Passionflower, both from South America.

I also painted Oxybelis aeneus, the Mexican Vine Snake or Brown Vine Snake and Plumeria.

Finally, and my favorite of the bunch, an Oriental Whipsnake (Ahaetulla prasina ), found in South Asia and Southeast Asia with Hibiscus.

Vine snakes are slender, elongated creatures hardly a half-inch in diameter. They can grow to 6.5 feet long, are equipped with rear fangs and mild venom. They are slow-moving, active in both the daytime and at night, feeding mainly on young birds and lizards. If threatened, vine snakes will puff up the front of their bodies, in turn revealing vivid coloration usually hidden under scales, and they open their mouths wide. They lie amid the branches of forest trees; proportions and coloration making them almost indistinguishable from creepers and vines. A frightened snake may also sway from side to side like a stem in the breeze.

All three of these pieces were completed in watercolor on arches paper and measure 8×10 inches in size. They were supplemented with hints of gold acrylic ink in a few appropriate places, making certain highlights shimmer at angles. They will also be available for sale soon. (Anyone can certainly contact me for more details.)

I’ll be back later!

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